The living organism has been evolving and adapting to Mother Earth for millennia. A healthy person is in resonance with the Earth. However, in recent decades technical developments are overtaking us at a rapid pace. The speed of technological evolution is so high that the human organism doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the respective innovations and pressures. This can cause physical and mental stress, which means we lose a lot of energy. The body needs this energy to maintain our vitality. This is where sinus i-like devices come in.



    How does a Meta-Converter work?

    With the help of a pulse irradiation technology, which was developed over the course of around 25 years out of the therapy of hundreds of professionals, a Converter, together with Vital products, can be provided with bioresonant frequency. The result is a stimulus-reaction vitalisation frequency, which is activated if necessary (where there is damage or disturbance) and neutralises potentially harmful frequencies. Which of the different frequencies are released depends on the task of the respective Converter.




    Do you want to feel good because of good air that is as free as possible from pollution, harmonises electrosmog and at the same time provides a lot of energy (Qi)? Use the OptimizAir in your home in the living and dining area and bedroom, but also at work, university, school and wherever you spend a long time. Whether for neutralising bad odours, neutralising viruses and bacteria, air purification from pollen or other airborne allergens, harmonisation or simply scenting your living and working space. The OptimizAir impresses with its universal application possibilities.



    The effects of the i-like Vital products

    Coming from the point of view of "Help to self-help", i-like offers various Vital products in the field of wellness, supplements and more. All i-like Vital products are activated with the bioresonance system and are also balanced by the Five Elements in Yin and Yang. This means that the effectiveness of all Vital products is significantly increased and the potential side effects can be reduced.



    Bioresonance Vital Patch

    The effects of the i-like Bioresonance Vital Patch
    With the i-like expertise in the Five Elements doctrine of Asian regeneration philosophy in balance of Yin and Yang, paired with the i-like bioresonance technology from Switzerland, developed for over 20 years, they have now succeeded in considerably increasing the effectiveness of the newest generation of Vital Patch. The new generation of Vital Patch are also vegan, 100% natural, Emoto water crystal certified and have received many awards and special descriptions by scientists. With more than 5,000 professionals advising, an enormous wealth of application possibilities has emerged. Detoxification and well-being in perfection.




    The skin can!
    The combination of the latest Swiss Bioresonance technology, values of Asian regeneration philosophy and phyto-healing and Western, modern science have created products that are unique worldwide. High quality, purity and naturalness are equally important for all ingredients used. All cosmetic ingredients are balanced according to the basic principle of the five-element teaching in Yin-Yang.
    The latest findings of cosmetic research are taken into account in the same way, in accordance with decades of traditional recipes and wisdom.


    Beauty radiates from the inside outwards.

    The skin is not only our largest organ. It is probably also the most versatile at all. It is responsible for the entire change, from the inside to the outside and takes on many extraordinarily important functions. In addition, our internal organs in the form of reflex zones are reflected, for example, on the facial skin. i-like has set itself the task of actively supporting these great abilities. This is explicitly promoted with Bioresonance. By activating Bioresonance with basic i-like cosmetic products, the cell regeneration, the cell repair function as well as the osmosis (exudation of toxins and detoxification) are further promoted. The skin can regenerate, become smooth, vital and beautiful.